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check out all the the drawing and flashs i have and the comics i make for both my own stuff and OCTs

which would you like to see more of 

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this shout box has not been touch since last yeah , so lonely
Sun Jun 7, 2015, 5:18 PM
ya welcome
Sun Aug 17, 2014, 7:51 AM
Thanks for The fav :D
Sun Jul 27, 2014, 3:46 PM
and yet alone again , busy time of the year with everyone doing uni or school stuff
Sat Jun 14, 2014, 6:16 PM
QuQ yay , thank you sis
Mon Apr 7, 2014, 3:41 PM
*gives him a hug*
Wed Mar 5, 2014, 6:13 PM
yep forever alone ;u;
Mon Jan 13, 2014, 11:39 PM
and more forever alone
Tue Nov 5, 2013, 11:32 PM
and yet again when i do a meme on a journal , no body answers ;u; forever alone
Thu Oct 24, 2013, 11:42 PM
its time for Samba time
Wed Sep 25, 2013, 2:41 AM

people who have drawn my Oc (thank you ;w; *hugs* )

The Cursed OCT by Miss-SheepyErika by PINKDIAMOND3000Comm: Axis by PINKDIAMOND3000Gyaku by PINKDIAMOND3000feliz cumple axis :D by melyuzuHappy Birthday Robzy by TsukinekoiSkatch Axis by Lis-PotterAxis by MichaelJLarson:Request: Axis by TsukinekoiSkech Axis by Liliko-dream:thumb299734619:Sketch Axis by natsuLRforgotten by P-cateAxis color by kasbelleAxis by kasbellePoint Comission: Axis by ConecooARA - Come On With Me by NekoAikoChan Ara-lista negra by Liliko-dream happy b-day axis Owo by Liliko-dream Fuu Fuu by lilbylil Chibi Axis for Robzy by Sakura-wind :thumb210901712: ARA sketches sobre otros 8p by P-cate :thumb207477581:Comission Gyaku by ConecooGyaku .:Art trade:. by FrostedTeaSecret Santa Megamanxeros by PINKDIAMOND3000


Tales of Lodan's dark moon (tale II) by AxisARA
Tales of Lodan's dark moon (tale II)
(Chapter II: the Path seeker )

not all tale start in lodan , but are drawn to it , one such tale of a young Lady , once innocent. her tale starts before the fall of the bandit in the north , she was like any other town girl , peaceful , hard working until the bandits swarmed her town. taking evey woman and child they could. at the time the current bandit king had hear the tale of twins who could see the Past and future , one bad and one good , he wanted that power for bandits to secure the future and charged his Doctors to make a prophet of their own. the doctors expreimented and worked , using the children they had captured as their subject until they came to the young girl , using the method they had tried , they marked her skin with the lines and Removed her eyes with force as they push her through pain and madness , for one to see true you need to see without seeing, that was the doctors plans..... after what felt years of darkness.... years of mading screams and words..... years of pain.....  the Girl could see again but not with her lost eyes ... and not with magic ... but with her mind, through her skin, her ears , and all her body..... her mind had gifted her an eyes but not perfect , she could see where they had come from and where they could be going , as a trails that was like smoke.....  they only lasted so long before turning into nothing.

the doctors where happy , deemed her a success , but where careful as she was the 1st human to gain this without dieing . they named her Tyyni as a statement to her natural calmed state she was in. they treated her like royalty , placed her one of their ships, and kept her around while they continued to try and recreate her through another , using her log as a template. Years past, the king felt to a Hero and his child took his place , becoming queen of the bandits..... it was then Tyyni got a visit from the mask man , asking one Question to her "will the Bandits fall?" a question Tyyni could not answer .. only guess... for the question was about the future.. not the present. the masked man did not like the silence that was Tyyni's answer and left...

years later the ship Tyyni was on was attacked by pirates, in all the commotion Tyyni managed to get a life boat and escape, she was finally free, she did not know what do , when she hit land she found a road and followed it. until she reach a city , a pace full of people , a place of life. to this day she wonders the streets of lodan during the dark moonlight, warning people who are about to take a wrong turn or do a thing that could end badly all the while unable to see her path. such as the life of a stranger of Lodan's moon.      

(this character is classed as a Backup Oc for BOR )
Tales of Lodan's dark moon (tale I)  by AxisARA
Tales of Lodan's dark moon (tale I)
(chapter I: the lost )

Once apon a time , there was a boy , he was once a noble before the time we know as the Guided times , a happy family and had Riches beyond his imagination, however his family where not without rivals as as a second noble house stood in their way each and every time. this continued with fights on the streets between nobles , honor duels to the death and trying to out do each other. soon however the people of lodan heard of plot to take the throne, a roomer that spread across the streets of lodan itself. no body know who started the roomer the words . only a man wearing black remembers a noble said. in no time the guards heard this roomer and alerted the queen. the Queen acted and brought both noble houses into her hall to have them questioned. they found that both sides did not say anything at all so both where punish , Banished from lodan, one to the east on sea, one to the west on land . but their paths would cross again.

as the noble sailed across the sea , they found themselves in trouble as Pirate attacked and sank their ship. the boy could not swim as he was carried by the waves, what seem like a life time. as he was swallowed by the dark Void below , the boy saw Death , looking back at him  , looking into his soul , judging him, before the deep void of the sea took him and embraced him as one of their own.

Years past as the rival nobles returned to lodan years after the old queen disappeared , however , from the shadow, a man , an embodiment of death, follows each of their footsteps , before taking them one by one , now this man .. this creature .. this assassin.... this ghost.... this boy ... hunts for revenge for the wrongs the Men have done during the Full Dark moons of Lodan's Nights.

a lost boy from a lost time , with a lost name and a lost tale which now you all know~
Rava update 4.0 by AxisARA
Rava update 4.0
this is the latest update for Rava  in lodan ,

this update finally brings her to nearly full circle and now she is more mature , leather armed and bad ass

hope you like it ^^ 
Expreiment 103 by AxisARA
Expreiment 103
this is one of Axis' experiments to a way for someone to carry all his power . this was a demonic dragon , (failed) she was unsable with power but aced all combat tests.

this only a quick fun thing i did and hope you like it ^^
Eryn , mouse spy by AxisARA
Eryn , mouse spy
this is the other part for Eryn's update ,

these spy clothes make her look like a mouse , hope you like it ^^


Robzy brezza
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
a media student who like to Draw and Dream a lot,

:iconacademiaradiumalba: :iconthecursedoct::iconaurora-borealis-sky: :iconun-title: :iconechoes-of-eclipse: :iconlodan-cityofgears:

Drawing tumbler

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2015, 1:00 AM
well since people are doing this as i noticed a recent trend i thought i may as well give this a try and opened up a new tumbler page for art…

this get any works i do 1st before i submit them to DA (since i use the auto submission for here so things get submitted at the same time) this will let ya see stuff before it out (work in progress stuff )

(also note this journal was auto submitted.)

for now its just simple stuff but later on will add more to the list (maybe some pervy stuff  or background stuff ) but we will see how things go.



(my stamps)

Mini Stamp by AxisARACryos Stamp by AxisARARoy Stamp by AxisARAYoung Axis Stamp by AxisARAAdult Axis Stamp by AxisARAKaoruXGyaku Stamp by AxisARAZalexAxis Stamp by AxisARAYoung Gyaku stamp by AxisARAAdult Gyaku Stamp by AxisARAIxsa Stamp by AxisARAAxis fansevice Stamp by AxisARAGyaku fansevice Stamp by AxisARA
(gift stamps for others)
Blau x Even stamp by AxisARABest Mother Ever stamp by AxisARA


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